Study on the effect of spleen deficiency on the pathogenesis of psoriasis based on intestinal microbiome

Tingting Di, Yan Wang, Jingxia Zhao, Xiaoyao Guo, Zhaoxia Chen, Chunyan Zhai, Ping Li


Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory skin disease. In recent years, studies have found that intestinal microecology has undergone significant changes in psoriasis. Due to the regulatory effect of intestinal microecology on the immune system, disordered intestinal microecology plays an important role in the occurrence and development of psoriasis. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that spleen deficiency is an important basis of intestinal microecological disorder. The process and symptoms of psoriasis with spleen deficiency are more prolonged and difficult to recover, which are easy to recurrence. Improving the spleen deficiency can adjust the quantity and variety of intestinal flora and its metabolites, so as to alleviate the symptoms and improve the prognosis of psoriasis.