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Longhua Chinese Medicine (ISSN 2616-2806; LCM; Longhua Chin Med; lcm.amegroups.com) is an international, open access journal that focuses on the fundamental, transformational and clinical research of Chinese Medicine. The stance of LCM is adhering to the integration of Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine: Inheritance of Chinese Medicine. Under the cooperation with Longhua Hospital Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, LCM seizes the opportunity to herald a new era of being an international academic exchange platform for Chinese medicine, and elevates the international influence of Chinese Medicine. LCM looks up to a far-reaching goal of becoming an authoritative and internationally influential journal, and promotes Chinese Medicine to the world and beyond.

LCM generates researches of Chinese Medicine, and ensures the researches meet with high standard of ethics and conducts, which are approved after the peer review. Published articles include Invited Articles and Submitted Papers, e-Comments on all published articles, and Editorials in field of Chinese Medicine. Besides regular issues of the Journal, articles in defined areas will be collected and published in Themed Collections. The high quality of its content is assured by a rigorous review process, supervised by a strong editorial board.

Longhua Chinese Medicine is the Official Publication of LongHua Hospital Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Founded in July 1960, Longhua Hospital affiliated to Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine is one of the four earliest built TCM clinical centers in China. Over 50 years, Longhua Hospital has been dedicated to the development of TCM and is known as nationwide for outstanding patient care provided by its physicians and staff. With the distinguishing feature and prominent advantage of TCM, Longhua Hospital serves as a famous Traditional Chinese Medical center that combines health care, education, and scientific research. It is regarded as an exemplary national model TCM hospital and is categorized as Shanghai grade III level A hospital. Longhua Hospital has continuously been entitled as Shanghai Civilization Unit for 13 times. In 2009, it became the distinguished professor appointment unit in the the ministry of education Yangtze river scholars program. In 2012, during the re-evaluation of TCM hospital ranking, Longhua Hospital took the first place among all Ⅲ grade level A hospitals of China. In 2015, Hospital was honored as the National Civilization Unit of the fourth session and was awarded Shanghai May 1th Labor Certificate in 2016. The hospital sticks to the principle of “quality first, patients supreme” and nurtures a hospital spirit (hospital culture)of “preciseness, benevolence, inheritance and innovation”, adheres to the strategy of “Invigorating Longhua Hospital through science, education and talents”, promote the core competitiveness of Longhua Hospital, create high level modern comprehensive hospital, For more information, please visit the official website of the hospital: http://www.longhua.net/Portal/Pages/LH_English

Submission Turnaround Time:
External peer review: 1-2 months.
Acceptance to Publication Ahead of Print: 20 days.
Acceptance to Publication: 1-3 months. Original Articles are listed as priority

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